2018 Event Leadership Application

**ELT Applications will re-open at the start of Summer B** 

To access the 2018 ELT and UF C.A.C membership application, please follow this link.

2018 Chair Positions

Development Department

  • Recruitment Chair: The Recruitment Chair will be in charge of setting a timeline to meet this year’s team goal. Working towards the goal will be achieved by contacting the leaders of student organizations that have not yet been active with Relay and presenting at large involvement events. You will work closely with the Greek Engagement Co-Chairs to present to all chapters on campus and with the ambassador coordinator to put on a Relay University Participant Information Workshop on campus and set up new team delegates with their ambassador.   
  • Retention Chair: The Retention Chair will ensure the commitment of all organizations previously involved in Relay and work with their leadership and/or team delegate to help improve their Relay experience. You will work closely with the ambassador coordinator to streamline communication with team delegates and with the spirit chair to regularly hype up and recognize the work of all participants. 
  • Ambassador Coordinator: The Ambassador Coordinator is in charge of coordinating all communication of everything Relay For Life between team ambassadors and delegates. You will be the admin of a Facebook group with all of the ambassadors and delegates and will work with the Recruitment Chair to put on a Relay University Participant Information Workshop and set up new team delegates with their ambassador.
  • Team Ambassador: Each team ambassador is the liaison between approximately 10 team delegates and the greater Relay For Life organization. As an ambassador you are expected to keep the team delegates up to date on all things related to Relay For Life, as well as assist them in planning team fundraisers and increasing their team size.
  • Greek Engagement Co-Chairs: Each Greek Engagement Chair will be in charge of communicating with and recruiting through two of the four Greek Councils. Together the co-chairs will work to facilitate pairing of organizations and brainstorm opportunities for Greek specific events. You will work closely with the Recruitment Chair to make presentations at chapter meetings and the.
  • Survivor and Caregiver Chair: The Survivor/Caregiver Chair’s main objective is to recruit survivors and caregivers to register as a part of our event. You will plan events in conjunction with the Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge, as well as plan and host the survivor recognition, lap, and dinner at the start of the event. 

Revenue Department

  • Online Fundraising Chair: The Online Fundraising Chair is expected to come up with online fundraising challenges specific to Relay For Life at UF, make sure that our Relay actively participates in National or Divisional online fundraising challenges, and push the social media presence of #FundraisingFriday by collaborating with the Social Media Chair.
  • Team Fundraising Chair: The Team Fundraising Chair will work closely with the team ambassadors to set fundraising goals for each team as they register for Relay 2017 and assist them in organizing team fundraisers on campus or in the community. The Team Fundraising Chair may also coordinate with the Greek Engagement Co-Chairs and the Special Event Chair to participate in or plan fundraisers across the Greek community. 
  • Sponsorship Chair: The Sponsorship Chair will be expected to set a plan to reach a monetary sponsorship goal and to create a spreadsheet of potential sponsors, updating it as contact is made with the business and as commitments are made to sponsor our event. You will have to email, call, and visit local businesses to ask them for sponsorship and keep in contact with them as the event approaches with the assistance of our American Cancer Society Staff Partner.
  • Hospitality Chair: The Giveback Chair is responsible for working with local businesses to arrange percentage events like give back nights or hospitality days with a percent of the profits benefitting UF Relay. There should be at least 2 restaurant give back events per month and you will work closely with Public Relations and Social Media to spread awareness of these events. 
  • Accounting Chair: The Accounting Chair is responsible for batching all money from meetings, kickoffs, bank nights, special fundraising events, and throughout the event with the help of our American Cancer Society Staff Partner. You should feel very comfortable handling and being responsible for large amounts of money, as well as good with numbers and following instructions.  
  • Merchandise Chair: The Merchandise Chair will keep track of inventory and pricing of all the various Relay For Life merchandise we sell throughout the year, will design shirts for ELT sponsored fundraising events and the event theme, and will explore new options to get our brand all over campus. In the event that we have an up and running event website, the Merchandise Chair would handle any merchandise sales conducted online. You would work closely with Public Relations and Graphic Design to ensure a cohesive brand image of Relay For Life at UF.

Production Department

  • Logistics Chair: The Logistics Chair is responsible for permitting for all tabling events, as well as planning/coordinating all setup and breakdown of events including, but not limited to, a 5K and the Relay For Life event. You will work closely with the entire Production Department and get the majority of your man power from the Relay Spirit Leaders.
  • Special Events Chair: The Special Event Chair is responsible for planning fundraising and morale boosting events outside of the Relay For Life event including, but not limited to, a 5K in the Fall. You will work closely with the Logistics, Decorations, and Sponsorship or Giveback Chairs.
  • Ceremonies Co-Chairs: The Ceremonies Co-Chairs will work together to plan impactful Luminaria and Fight Back ceremonies (this includes recruiting speakers and planning group activities) and will be in charge of luminaria sales throughout the year and day of event.You will work closely with the Entertainment Chair, especially to write the script and schedule. 
  • Entertainment Chair: The Entertainment Chair is responsible for drafting the schedule and script for the event, in conjunction with the Ceremonies Chairs. You are also responsible for recruiting performers to perform at Relay and any other events as needed. 
  • Activities Chair: The Activities Chair is the game master of Relay For Life; as Activities Chair you plan games and competitions, like musical chairs and  Mr. Relay, to keep everyone busy and raise money all 12 hours of the event. You may also be asked for help creating games or activities for events like kickoff or tabling. 
  • Decorations Chair: The Decorations Chair is in charge of planning and coordinating the donation or creation of decorations for events including, but not limited to, kickoffs, delegate parties, tabling events, and certain booths or areas of the event as asked of you- assuming appropriate time between ask and need for decorations. The Decorations Chair has access to many supplies at the ACS offices and is encouraged to always ask for donations of materials needed over spending of their own money.

Marketing Department

  • Mission Education Chair: The Mission Education Chair is the voice of the Relay For Life mission to the UF campus. You will plan at least one tabling event per month based on highlighting awareness of the cancer of the month and will have a Mission Education booth along the track at the event. You will work closely with Social Media to create weekly #MissionMonday posts and with the Ceremonies Co-Chairs to make the Fight Back activity informative and impactful.
  • Advocacy Chair: The Advocacy Chair is our Relay’s connection to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network legislative priorities. You must be an informed member of ACS CAN throughout the year and your main goal is to make Relay For Life at UF 2017 a CAN Club Relay.
  • Public Relations Chair: The Public Relations Chair is the first line of defense for all things public image as we build awareness for our event and will ensure that we are spreading a uniform message when advertising things like our 5K, Relay For Life event, and any other special events. All interview requests or press-like questions would get directed to the Personal Relations Chair or Event Lead. You would work closely with Graphic Design, Social Media, and Sponsorship. 
  • Graphic Design Chair: Relay For Life at UF 2017 really wants to revamp its image and be a well known, recognizable presence in the campus community - the Graphic Design Chair would work to create this through consistent, clean, visually appealing graphics for all things Relay, such as social media posts, flyers, announcements, event programs, and an official Relay at UF logo. You would work closely with the Merchandise, Public Relations, and Social Media Chairs.
  • Online Chair: The Online Chair would be in charge of maintaining the ACS fundraising website and possibly a separate website domain for Relay For Life at UF (sharing photos from Social Media, graphics from Graphic Design, and a merchandise ordering system maintained by the Merchandise Chair). You would also work closely with the Internal Communications Chair, Ambassador Coordinator, Public Relations and Event Lead to share information with the masses efficiently and uniformly. 
  • Social Media Chair: The Social Media Chair is the person behind the UF Relay For Life Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You will not be creating too much of your information or posts but rather sharing information and graphics in a timely and appropriate manner. You will, however, be the main photographer/videographer of the event and will work closely with Public Relations and Graphic Design to portray a cohesive image of Relay on all social accounts.
  • Internal Communications Chair: The Internal Communications Chair is responsible for taking professional and detailed meeting minutes, sending important updates that pertain to the entire ELT via email or Facebook group, and keeping a live calendar of ongoing Relay For Life events including meetings, fundraising challenges, givebacks, and team fundraisers. You should be very well organized and regularly accessible electronically. 
  • Videography Chair: The videography chair will be responsible for recording marketing material at meetings, events, and across campus to create videos to use in promoting our event online throughout the year. They would also be in charge of creating short videos to tie together events happening on stage and on the field throughout the night of our Relay event.